Balloons B2P


In this new clip you can see a young and very beautiful student. She is Jasmine and is 18 years old. She is the classic very beautiful and young girl that everyone wants, has that look innocent but at the same time very sexy and seductive. She enjoys inflating more colored balloons and playing with them. With her hands she pulls up the balloons several times, hugs them, caresses them and with her sexy nails pops them. At the same time she enjoys jumping over the balloons for several times and pops them with her sexy ass. As they pops, she catches with her hands the popped balloons and throws them up several times. Some balloons were more resistant and others less, especially the big green is very resistant, in fact, before the she can pops it, with her sexy ass, she has to jump many times over. At the end of the clip, after having popping them all, with her sexy fingernails and with her sexy ass, she takes with her hands the pieces of the newly popped balloons, she pulls them up with her hands several times.SPECIAL PRICE for You. I made for you a DISCOUNT of $ 6(In the first 59 seconds of this clip you can see the preview). High Resolution HD and Great Quality Video mpeg4 1280 x 720p , 9065 Kbit/sec. 25 Fotogrammi/sec.WARNING IMPORTANT NOTICE: This new clip has been recorded with a my new professional SLR camera Canon 7d, the video quality is really fantastic,especially the full hd 1980×1020 format.WARNING IMPORTANT NOTICE: the clips are for your private use only. To post them on any website or social network is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.WARNING IMPORTANT NOTE: the quality of the Preview clip is always lower than the Full clip. WARNING IMPORTANT NOTICE : (To look all clips of my store, in various formats, go to the categories and click on “” all categories “” …. !!! Thank you for your kind attention, good vision)