Balloons Non Pop

Setting Your Girlfriend Up With My Hot Friend – NON-POP VERSION – MP4 720p HD

I have a hot friend, you wouldn’t even believe how good looking he is. I think he would be a great match for your girlfriend. haha!It’s okay, you really shouldn’t worry about things like that. I never really thought of you as a grown up anyways. You don’t deserve to be with a hot girl like that.Her and my friend would make some really beautiful offspring together. You don’t think it will happen? I have news for you… they are already out on a date together! You look like you’re about to cry! I pull out an uninflated red balloon. It’s okay, look at the beautiful balloon I’m blowing up for you! It’s okay that you’re losing your girlfriend. This balloon will make you so happy. Just think of all of the fun things that you can do with it. You can play with it, hug it, kiss it. The balloon is much more age appropriate for you than having a girlfriend. Look how big your balloon is getting! Your girlfriend deserves a real man. One that can get her pregnant, like the guy I set her up with, not someone like you who likes to play with balloons!I tie off the balloon, add a pretty white string. Now if you want to play with the balloon, you need to get down on your hands and knees and crawl for me. All you need now is to suck your thumb or have a pacifier. Now go play with your balloon!