Balloons Non Pop

First Time Helium Balloons (Part I) Non-Popping

Set the stage…You have been dating your girlfriend for a little while and you finally decided to tell her about your balloon fetish.  She asks a lot of questions but you remain very vague.  You’d rather show than tell.  So you both agree tonight’s the night.  While she is out at the gym you are so excited and can’t wait until tonight so you go ahead and get some of your favorite crystal balloons inflated with helium.  When you return home you are pleased to see your girlfriend isn’t home yet.  As you place your balloon bouquet in the living room you notice something missing. Tonight has to be perfect, so you decide to run out and get one more thing thinking you will be back before your girlfriend gets home.You were wrong.  While you were out your girlfriend got home from the gym and found your balloons ready and waiting. I arrive home from the gym and find helium filled balloons already in the living room.  I did agree to play with some balloons tonight but I’m still not quite certain what that means.  I try to ignore the balloons but I just can’t.  What could you like about these things?  I get up and begin playing around with the balloons, talking to myself and trying to figure out what you like about the balloons and what you mean by playing with the balloons other than not popping them.  I bat the balloons around, squeak and squeeze them, and tug on their strings.  As I ponder what you might like me to do with the balloons…. To be continued… *Non-popping video*