Balloon Stuffing

Clothes Stuffing Extravaganza- SD Version

FOUR great clothes stuffing scenes from the ladies at Emmas Balloons*Holly and Raven have a blast stuffing balloons into each other’s body stockings*This scene from Emmas Balloons features Adele stuffing her dress with balloons. She starts off slowly, shoving two into her top and one under the back of her dress, giving her self a buxom figure. After taking a look in the mirror she decides she needs more. Adele has a blast in this clip, trying to see just how many balloons she can stuff into her dress.  Even filling her panties with them, soon her entire dress is filled with the balloons and it can take no more!*Alexxia stuffs a big white tank top dress with balloons, creating the ass and boobs she’s always dreamed of*Debby is dressed in a pretty red sundress, which she stuffs with little party balloons. She stuffs and squeezes, stretching her dress to the limits, getting as many balloons as she can inside!